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Hydration — why is it important?

Organism dehydration and sunstroke can be prevented by consuming sufficient amount of liquids at the time of the exercise and right after. The best preventative drink is water, it should be available at every training session.

Sports drinks that contain 6-8% carbs should only be considered when physical exercise session exceeds 90 minutes. However, if children want and prefer others drinks (tea, juice etc.) they can use them.

Children should be urged to consume liquids prior they get thirsty. Human beings only begin to feel thirst when moderate dehydration has already started (body has lost 2-3% of water).

To prevent dehydration at the time of intensive physical activity, around 1 cup (150-200g) of liquid need to be consumed every 15-20 minutes. Young athletes needs to understand that even a moderate dehydration reduces their energy un increases fatigue.

Consumption of salt tablets at a young age should be avoided as they can create dangerous side effects and are not required at this age. Depletion of salt due to physical activity can compensated by wholesome diet.


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