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Minerals and Vitamins in Nutrition

It is advised for the following minerals to be consumed daily by developing organism:



Food sources
CA2 – calcium1,2 gramsYoghurt, cheese, sardines, salmon, soy products, kale
P – phosphorus2,0 gramsSame as those containing protein, e.g. milk, meat, soya
Mg2 – magnesium0,36 gramsSpices, nuts, cereals, cocoa, vegetables, e.g. spinach

Besides minerals, vitamins are just as important and are recommended to be consumed for normal growth and development. Insufficient amount of vitamins results in delayed growth, increased fatigue, decreased physical and cognitive energy and has a potential to distort control of ones movements.

Vtamin concentrates can be used with meals or right after, but don`t overdo it.

Only vitamin C can be used in increased doses when fighting cold or flu.

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