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Strength Training And Its Benefits

STRENGTH TRAINING splits into 2 categories – strength training with resistance and weightlifting.

Strength training includes various exercises with resistance:

  • free weights,
  • exercise equipment (eg TRX suspension system),
  • rubber exercises with physiotherapy.

All of these exercises are performed with the goal of increasing muscle strength and endurance by performing many repetitions of the exercise in several runs with little resistance or weight.

Weightlifting, or powerlifting, is a competitive sport that involves overcoming maximum resistance and ballistic movements in the competition. Exercises such as:

  • pulling and pushing the weight bar,
  • shoulder-weight swing
  • weight bar press.

These exercises are not recommended for use in children and adolescents before skeletal maturation, as there is a theoretical risk of damage to the growth cartilage in the bones.

Strength training is considered a safe method of exercise if it is performed under the supervision of a knowledgeable educator or trainer who correctly plans the size and amount of the workout. Children’s training should emphasize the use of low resistance and high repetition of exercise. The workout should not include weightlifting elements.


Strength training improves performance and performance in certain motor aptitude tests (vertical jump height, long jump jump results from a spot, etc.) and can improve performance in sports where there is an important component of strength and power. The ability to develop a large workforce improves in childhood and adolescence, and increases most rapidly between the ages of 9 and 15.


The power, strength endurance and speed characteristics are the same in boys and girls up to 9 years of age. Girls at the age of 13 have developed power, which accounts for about 70-75% of the power developed by boys of the same age.

The positive health effects of strength training are the beneficial changes in blood lipid composition and the prevention of osteoporosis in girls.

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