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The Importance of Flexibility

Stretching is a tool used to increase persons flexibility, relieve pain, reduce stress, improve posture and stamina and even give a boost of energy.

In early childhood flexibility for kids is naturally in good condition and therefore there is no need to develop it furthermore. However, to retain flexibility for the long term, it`s important to work regularly on it between ages 8-12.

In sports, the main joints that should be considered are vertebral column, hip joint and shoulder joint.

Vertebral Column

Vertebral Column, also known as backbone or spine, is the central axis in the skeleton. It holds together multiple muscles and due to the nature of sport, there is a huge pressure placed on it thus appropriate care is required.

Hip Joint

Hip joint is one of the most important joints in human body and proper hip function is fundamental to sporting success. Running, jumping, kicking the ball as well as holding our weight are influenced by this joint which is extremely flexible and allows for a large range of motion.

Shoulder Joint

Shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in human body.


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