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Physical Growth

Growth Rate

During childhood, ages 6-11, the rate of growth is relatively slow, stable and predictable. This stage, however, is immediately followed by a four year cycle of rapid growth acceleration. During this growth spur, the pattern in which the kid moves is changing and because of that risk of injuries increase.

Risk of Injury During Growth Spur

There are three main reasons that increases the risk of injury during the growth spur:

  • It takes time for the brain to catch up and get adjusted to the changing body which might lead to clumsy movements and thus injury
  • The energy required to support the growing body increases and lack of nutritional adjustments can cause energy deficiency and fatigue
  • Due to increased energy demands the body might not cope with the requirements and insufficient recovery can cause overuse injuries

What Can a Parent Do To Help the Kid During Growth Spur?

The most important and obvious preventative measure is to listen to your kid and let them rest if they are hurt. Other tips:

  • Remind them about the importance of warming up
  • Make sure they rest and relax after physical and cognitive activities
  • Provide a healthy well balanced diet to them
  • Emphasize the need for hydration
  • Use correct equipment, for example, football boots that fit the training environment

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