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Your Kids Mimic You

Nutrition is one of the most important factors required to support the developmental and competitive goals of young athletes.

Parent as a role model

As a parent, you are your kids’ role model. Even if you might not feel like it, numerous studies show that kids, especially those under the age of 12, rank mom and dad the highest in children`s nutrition role models.

Therefore, it is important to understand that what you do as a parent contributes to what your young athlete sees as the right way of doing things.

You cannot expect your kid to do things, like go outside and exercise, if you are sitting on the couch watching TV and eating ice-cream. It just doesn`t work that way.

Set an example and educate your kid

It is important to include the kids in cooking and even cleaning process after the meal has finished. Future professional athletes need to develop the skills necessary to be independent and self-sufficient and cooking and cleaning are on top of priority lists.

Set an example. If you want your children to eat healthy, the first step is for you to eat healthy. They will follow your lead.


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