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Hydration — why is it important?

Organism dehydration and sunstroke can be prevented by consuming sufficient amount of liquids at the time of the exercise and right after. The best preventative drink is water, it should be available at every training session. Sports drinks that contain 6-8% carbs should only be considered when physical exercise session exceeds 90 minutes. However, if[...]
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Nutrition & Recovery During Congested Periods

1. REFUELING (POST MATCH) & PRE-LOADING (PRE-MATCH) Schedule 3-4 main meals and regular carbohydrate snacking spaced out throughout the day to consume roughly 6-10g/kg of body mass of carbs. Grains (quinoa, pasta, rice, noodles, couscous) Starchy vegetables (potatoes), Legumes (beans and lentils), Fruits Cereals (porridge, muesli) Convenient food after match: sweet potato wedges, chicken coated[...]
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