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Strength Training And Its Benefits

STRENGTH TRAINING splits into 2 categories – strength training with resistance and weightlifting. Strength training includes various exercises with resistance: free weights, exercise equipment (eg TRX suspension system), rubber exercises with physiotherapy. All of these exercises are performed with the goal of increasing muscle strength and endurance by performing many repetitions of the exercise in[...]
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Nutrition & Recovery During Congested Periods

1. REFUELING (POST MATCH) & PRE-LOADING (PRE-MATCH) Schedule 3-4 main meals and regular carbohydrate snacking spaced out throughout the day to consume roughly 6-10g/kg of body mass of carbs. Grains (quinoa, pasta, rice, noodles, couscous) Starchy vegetables (potatoes), Legumes (beans and lentils), Fruits Cereals (porridge, muesli) Convenient food after match: sweet potato wedges, chicken coated[...]
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